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Christian County Development Corporation (CCDC) is a leader in providing clean, affordable housing to individuals and families across Christian County, IL. As a passionate advocate for low income families, we are looking to partner with developers, investors, and other community leaders looking to empower the community through the development of affordable housing.

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At CCDC, we believe clean, affordable housing is a game changer for low income families and individuals. Oftentimes, high housing costs will force families to sacrifice in critical areas like food, transportation, or healthcare. Affordable housing provides families with stability, security, and independence, which in turn leads to better health mentally, physically, and emotionally. Be a part of building a vibrant, healthy community here in Illinois!

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Are looking for inexpensive housing in Christian County, Illinois for yourself or on behalf of another? CCDC owns manages 440+ housing units for low income families and individuals including single family homes, duplexes, and high rises. Check out sample photos of our units, and learn more about eligibility requirements and next steps for finding a unit with CCDC.

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