Christian County Development Corporation (CCDC) is a 501c4 whose mission is to provide clean, affordable housing to families and individuals across Illinois. We currently own and manage 440+ housing units including single family homes, duplexes, and high rises across Christian County, IL. We are looking to grow by partnering with developers, investors, and community leaders who share a vision of empowering communities through the development of affordable housing.

Our History

Christian County Development Corporation has a strong history of providing affordable housing to low income families and individuals across the state of Illinois. Since 2002, we have invested more than $37 million in new and remodeled affordable housing units for the local community.

Founded originally in 1992, our team has served Christian County, IL for more than 25 years. Known formerly as Christian County Integrated Community Services (CCICS), we changed our name in 2018 to reflect our change in company structure. We decided to shift from being a 501c3 to a 501c4 in order to demonstrate our focus on social welfare issues and to become a stronger advocate for affordable housing in the state of Illinois and beyond.

Looking to Get Involved?

If you are interested in partnering with the CCDC, please call Pat Gleason at 217-824-4921 x203 or contact us online:

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Need Affordable Housing?

If you are looking for affordable housing in Christian County, IL, please visit our Resources page to learn more about eligibility requirements and next steps.

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